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Welcome to Benson, AZ

Image by Sven Scheuermeier

  • Powwow season starting november 6, 2021 (1st Saturday)

  • BCRC Monthy Newsletter

  • Farmer's market at Benson Hopital

  • Dipper bank 

  • Support to the Benson Food Pantry

  • Support VICAP to help seniors in the community.

  • Rx Drug Cost Comparison program

For Information Contact:

Jason Zibart

Meetings held the third Wednesday of every month at the Benson Hospital.

All welcomed to attend!




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what we're doing

Benson Produce on Wheels With out waste
91,074 pounds of produce distributed




BCRC Monthly Newsletter 

The BCRC newsletter’s purpose is to provide information to our readers on a variety of articles to inform and helpfully improve their lives through healthy living. 

The BCRC Newsletter is organized into five sections which are: 

● Articles on Healthy Living 

● Articles on Healthy Nutrition 

● Articles on Medicare & Medicaid 

● Articles on Illnesses, Symptoms, & Diagnosis 

● Articles on How to save money on prescription drugs 


To Subscribe - Send an email to with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

PSE initiatives

1. Increasing health access. (a) The Good Neighbor Program, a partnership with Volunteer Interfaith Caregiver Program (VICAP) that sends volunteers to visit Benson seniors in social home visits b)

Stroke prevention – offer Tai Chi and aging mastery class in cooperation with Benson Hospital and SEAGO run by community members. VICAP provides transportation.)

2. Increasing access to healthy foods. (a) Initiating a POWWOW in Benson through collaboration between community volunteers, BCRC, Benson Hospital and Tractor Supply. There have been two POWWOW seasons in Benson. Next season starting in November 6, 2021

Benson Community Resource Council or BCRC was established in late 2017 through the sponsorship of Benson Hospital using an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer.

Its mission is expanding and connecting health and community services in San Pedro Valley for at-risk populations.


The Benson Community Resource Council focuses on facilitating and connecting different community resources in the Benson /Pomarine/St. David area. Their efforts reach the heart of population health by addressing community issues such as food insecurity, education, healthy eating, active living, medical prescriptions, and provision of community services. They have developed a solid foundation as a sustainable Healthy Community Committee and have increased the quality of life for residents. They have connected with other HCC’s in the county improving local social determinants of health. 

This is a very active committee looking always for new members to get involve. New projects and ideas are welcome! 

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