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Bisbee Healthy Community Committee was formed in early 2017, with a core from the Bisbee Coalition for the Homeless. This group is focused on increasing the number of affordable housing units in the greater Bisbee area.  

In 2020, the Bisbee City Council has begun a project to take possession of and rehab dilapidated homes in the Bisbee city limits to create a path to home ownership for stakeholders in the community. 

Right now, the committee is working on applying for financing in 2021 to build a supportive housing development on land donated by the City of Bisbee. 

The committee is also looking into the area of cooperative housing and hopes to form a core group of people to get this project started. 

Link to Newspaper Article:

Affordable housing in Bisbee possible with help from Habitat for Humanity Tucson

Photo credit: Mark Levy for the Herald/Review

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