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Developed partnership with Healthy Tombstone and Sierra Vista Transit on writing an upcoming grant to improve transportation in all three communities.

Got Chiricahua mobile clinic to come out to Huachuca City 


The Committee has been working on a curb side project, where they will paint the houses numbers on the curb to help first responders to identify houses faster. They are working this initiative with volunteers with other organizations. 

Meets every second Wednesday of the month at 5:30 in the Huachuca City Senior Center.


For more information contact: 

Bob Spahle 



New members and guests are always welcome. 


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Healthy Huachuca City was formed in 2019 as a Healthy Community Committee and is excited at the prospect of growing membership and strategic planning to address key community health issues in this small community.


This group is striving to increase access to healthier food and transportation and to advocate for community engagement in Huachuca City. Healthy Huachuca City will soon be electing officers, and has become eligible for 501(c)(3) status. 

They can be found in social media:

Like their Facebook page @HealthyHuachucaCity

The Healthy Huachuca Community Committee focuses on increasing transportation, access to healthy food and health access.  They have built a solid foundation as a sustainable Healthy Community Committee and increase healthier conditions for residents.


They seek connection with other Healthy Community Committees in the County to improve local social determinants of health.


Despite the challenges of COVID-19, this healthy committee has met and done impressive work for their community. They worked with first responders and the Girls and Boys Scouts to paint house numbers in the curbside. Have supported nutrition classes and acomplished becoming a 501(c)(3) organization. 


Its Mission is to collaborate as partners to strengthen their community’s health and wellness. 


It has developed strategic goals to focus on community engagement, mental health/substance use, transportation and access to healthy foods.


Meets every second Wednesday of the month at 5:30 in the Huachuca City Senior Center. For more information contact Bob Spahle Bobsp1882@gmail.com  New members and guests are always welcome.